Founder's Message

Welcome and warm greetings. It is a pleasure meeting you via this website and I am thankful for the opportunity given to me for penning down my message here. When I started this Museum, I had a dream of making it unique, and I believed it would come true, with the right team and earnest efforts. The museum was founded for the sole purpose of educating the current and future generation about the transformation and evolution of cameras over the years.

I envisaged creating a museum where students, young adults could realize how an invention has made the documentation of history or freezing moments of life easy with current generation carrying camera as additional feature in their day-to-day gadgets and how difficult was the best museum. We want to ensure top quality items in display with rich history and wonderful story.

It all started when my father passed me his Twin Lens Camera, I liked the toy much than shooting with it, so I started collecting cameras. I never expect it to end up in a museum. It’s all because of my cousin and co-founder Mr. A. P. Shreethar, an artist. He wanted to “befriend his enemies” as the invention of the camera and photography, ensured slowly but steadily that artists were relegated to the background which eventually brought their downfall.

As both of us wanted to contribute to society by educating the younger generation, we planned a museum and don’t want to be the boring regular museum. We carefully designed everything The Theme, the Exterior, and the Curatable Items to cover the whole journey of the camera, its history, transformation, and milestones. Then we started to find the missing parts from our collection and accumulated them to make our museum complete. Today we are proud to say that we are the first and only camera museum in Singapore. Only museum in the world to house inside a camera-shaped building.
I think all the team members, my family and agencies who work with us to make our dream come true. Special Thanks to Mr. A. P. Shreethar for helping me envision my dream.


An Engineer by Profession, Mr. Solaiyappan Ramanathan started his career in international trading to nurture his entrepreneurial dreams. Having founded companies in the early days of his career, he has ventured into various other domains. Camera Collection, Angel Investment and Mentoring young minds are other feathers to his hat. He has expertise in building a winning team that breaks barriers and surmount limitations. He carries the wealth of experience gained over the years. As an avid listener and reader, he continues to drive the vision of the company aiming to be the pioneer in all the industry he explores.